How Many Ounces of Coffee Grounds Are in A Pound of Coffee?

When you discuss the topic of coffee, you will learn about the different types of beans, flavors, roasts, and how to brew a perfect cup of coffee. When it comes to buying coffee, it can be challenging trying to determine how much ground coffee you need for your recipe or how many ounces are in a pound of coffee.

With so many brands and choices, not to mention all the new “flavors”, figuring out what type of coffee you want and how much you need can be overwhelming. Keep reading to discover more about how much ground coffee is in a pound, what constitutes a measurement of whole bean or grounds, and ways to know if you are getting your money’s worth when purchasing coffee.

How Many Ounces of Coffee Grounds Are in A Pound of Coffee?

How Many Ounces of Coffee Grounds Are in A Pound of Coffee?

16 ounces of anything make a pound of anything. The answer to this question can vary slightly due to the different types of beans used and roasts created. However, in general, approximately one pound of coffee will yield approximately 16 ounces of grounds.

Coffee beans are roasted in large batches and then sold by the pound. However, once roasted, the coffee loses its moisture content quickly. For this reason, coffee is often sold pre-ground. When buying coffee beans, whole beans, or ground, you will typically find they are sold by weight.

The number of ounces in a pound of coffee varies, depending on the type of coffee bean. For example, a pound of dark roast coffee beans will have fewer ounces than a pound of mild roast coffee beans due to their denser moisture contents and larger size.

Is 12 oz of coffee beans the same as 12 oz of ground coffee?

The short answer is no. When you purchase coffee beans, you will notice that the packaging will state the number of ounces. However, you will find that the number of ounces of ground coffee from the same bag of beans will be lower.

Why is there a discrepancy? Well, when coffee beans are roasted, they lose their moisture content. This is what makes a darker roast taste “drier” than a lighter roast. In order to make up for the moisture loss, bags of ground coffee are often “re-hydrated.”

This is done by adding water to the bag of ground coffee before packaging. Why add water to coffee? Well, if you have ever opened a fresh bag of coffee beans, they have a strong aroma. The water helps to mute the fresh roasted aroma and makes it easier to package and seal the bag.

What is a Measurement of Whole Bean Coffee?

Measurement of whole bean coffee is how much coffee is in a bag when it has not been ground. Typically, one measurement of whole bean coffee is equivalent to between one and one-and-a-half cups of ground coffee.

Like the other measurements, the amount of coffee in a measurement of whole bean coffee varies depending on the type of coffee beans. For example, a measurement of lighter roast coffee beans will yield more cups than darker roast coffee beans.


Now that you know the answer to how many ounces of coffee grounds are in a pound of coffee, you will be able to confidently purchase coffee beans and grounds knowing what to expect and how many cups of coffee they will yield.

When buying coffee beans or grounds, be sure to check the packaging to see if they are measured in ounces or cups. You may also want to factor in other variables such as the type of roast and if you will be adding milk and/or sugar.

With these tips and information in mind, you will be well on your way to enjoying a perfect cup of coffee with the right amount of grounds or beans for your taste and preferences. Now, go get yourself a cup of coffee and sit back for a moment to enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted beans.


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