Best Swedish Coffee Brands

Did you know that Sweden is one of the top coffee-consuming countries in the world? In fact, it’s even been said that Swedes consume more coffee per capita than any other country. But with so many brands and varieties of coffee to choose from, what’s the best way to enjoy Swedish coffee?

Check out our list of the best Swedish coffee brands to discover some of the most popular options. From dark roast blends to light and refreshing brews, there’s something for everyone!

Best Swedish Coffee Brands

Best Swedish Coffee Brands

In the Swedish coffee market, the brands Gevalia, Zoegas, Classic, and Löfbergs Lila are the ones that sell the best.

The best-selling coffee in Sweden, Gevalia, is a mellow brew. However, the quality of the coffee beans and the preparation process differs significantly from other types of coffee, which indicates that Gevalia’s success lies in how the company markets its product. Gevalia accounts for about 40% of the total sales of brewing coffee in Sweden.

After that, Zoegas comes with a market share of 20%, followed by Löfbergs Lila with a market share of approximately 15%. Finally, Classic coffee stands for 9% of Swedish brewing coffee sales. The remaining market shares are attributable to a number of smaller players.

In the Swedish coffee market, Classic Coffee is the fourth largest producer – the brands Gevalia, Zoegas and Löfbergs Lila are the ones that sell better. The range of Classic coffee consists of beans, original coffee, brew coffee, and espresso.

What Brand of Coffee do Swedes drink?

Like all good Scandinavians, Swedes love their coffee; they’re actually among its highest consumers in the world. Coffee is not just a drink, it’s a way of life. In the Swedish coffee market, the brands Gevalia, Zoegas, Classic, and Löfbergs Lila are the ones that have the highest consumption rate.

In Sweden, coffee is more than just a drink – it’s a social ritual. “Fika” is the Swedish term for taking a break to have coffee and cake with friends or colleagues. It’s an important part of Swedish culture, and many businesses even mandate Fika time for their employees.

Fika is always social – it’s not something you do by yourself. And it usually involves coffee and a sweet treat. So next time you need a break, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some Fika with your friends.

Swedish Egg Coffee

Swedish Egg Coffee is made by mixing a raw egg, shell, and all, into coffee grounds. This helps to make the coffee last longer and also makes it taste less bitter. The proteins in the egg also help to provide an extra caffeine boost.

Swedish egg coffee, also known as Norwegian egg coffee or Scandanavian egg coffee, is a coffee beverage prepared with an egg. It is a tradition in the Midwest and at the Minnesota State Fair and was brought over by Scandanavian immigrants. Egg coffees were also sold in pharmacy soda fountain shops during an earlier era.

Flocculation is involved in the preparation: when the egg cooks with the coffee grounds it binds to them, leaving a clean, clear, and creamy-tasting cup of joe.

The roast coffee beans are ground and mixed with an egg and some water to form a paste. The entire shell can be included. The mixture is then added to boiling water simmered (steeped) with water for a minute, sieved or strained, and served. Swedish coffee is re-emerging into fashion and has even been described as the 4th wave.


So what can we learn from the Swedish coffee market? Well, for one, Gevalia is the best-selling and most consumed coffee in Sweden. Secondly, the quality of the coffee beans and how they’re prepared matters which is something Gevalia takes seriously. Finally, Classic Coffee isn’t as popular as the others but still has a significant market share.

Thirdly, If you’re looking for a way to make your coffee last longer, or just want a little more of a caffeine boost in the morning, why not try Swedish Egg Coffee? It takes a little bit of extra effort to make but it’s definitely worth it. Let us know how you like it!


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