What US State Grows Coffee Commercially? [WHY?]

Who would have thought that coffee, the drink most commonly enjoyed during breakfast, comes from a plant that is famously grown in tropical climates? Believe it or not, the United States is one of the top coffee-producing countries in the world.

In fact, Hawaii is responsible for producing the majority of coffee commercially grown in the US. So, if you’re ever looking for an excuse to take a vacation to paradise, now you know what to do! Read on to learn more about Hawaii’s coffee industry and how you can get your hands on some of this delicious brew.

What Us State Grows Coffee Commercially

What Us State Grows Coffee Commercially?

Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee. The majority of coffee harvested in Hawaii comes from the Kona region, which is located on the western side of the Big Island.

Although coffee has been grown in Hawaii since the 1820s, it wasn’t until much later—in the mid-1900s—that production really took off. Today, coffee farms in Hawaii are able to produce some of the highest quality coffee in the world. Thanks to the ideal growing conditions on the islands, Hawaii’s coffee beans are known for being exceptionally smooth and flavorful.

If you’re interested in trying Hawaiian coffee for yourself, there are a few things you should know. First of all, Hawaii’s coffee industry is fairly small, so you might not be able to find Hawaiian coffee beans at your local grocery store. However, there are many online retailers that sell Hawaiian coffee, so you should have no trouble finding a source.

When it comes to choosing Hawaiian coffee, you’ll need to decide what type of bean you want. Hawaii produces both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Arabica beans are generally considered to be of higher quality, and they’re what’s used to make most of the world’s specialty coffees. Robusta beans, on the other hand, are usually used for instant coffee or espresso.

Once you’ve decided on a type of bean, you’ll need to choose a roast. Hawaiian coffee is typically roasted very lightly, which brings out the natural sweetness of the beans. If you prefer a darker roast, you can certainly find it, but keep in mind that the coffee might not taste as “true to form.”

Finally, you’ll need to decide how you want to brew your Hawaiian coffee. While many people opt for traditional drip coffee, Hawaiian coffee is also delicious when brewed using a French press or espresso machine. No matter how you enjoy your cup of joe, there’s no doubt that Hawaiian coffee will be a treat.

Which Us State Was the First to Grow Coffee Commercially?

The first US state to grow coffee commercially was Hawaii. Coffee production in Hawaii began in the early 1800s, and by the mid-19th century, the island nation was one of the world’s leading producers of the crop.

However, a series of devastating hurricanes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries put an end to Hawaii’s coffee boom. In an effort to modernize and make the industry more efficient, American planters in Hawaii began to import cheaper and hardier coffee plants from Central America.

These new varieties were far more resistant to disease than their predecessors, but they were also much less flavorful. As a result of this change, Hawaiian coffee production eventually shifted away from growing high-quality coffee and instead focused on producing a commodity bean for use in instant coffee.

Today, Hawaii is no longer a major player in the global coffee industry, but it does still cultivate small amounts of specialty coffee as a way to support its important tourism sector.

Which Us State Has the Oldest Coffee Industry?

The coffee industry in Hawaii is the oldest in the United States. It was established in 1813 by Don Francisco de Paula y Marin, a Spanish doctor who introduced coffee to the islands.

The coffee industry in Hawaii has been growing steadily ever since, and today it is one of the state’s most important agricultural industries.

Hawaii is the only state in the country that produces coffee, and it is only one of a handful of countries around the world that grows coffee. The mountainous regions of Hawaii provide perfect growing conditions for this celebrated crop, which thrives on both dry land and deep shade.

Coffee trees are very hearty and can survive several years without water or fertilization.

Hawaiian coffee is also known for its distinctive flavor, which comes from the volcanic soil of the islands.

The Hawaiian coffee industry employs thousands of people across the state and is responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue each year. Growing, harvesting, processing, and exporting all require a large amount of manpower, as well as equipment and supplies. The quality of Hawaiian coffee has also made it a favorite among gourmet coffee drinkers, who recognize its unique flavor and smooth aroma.

If you are a fan of high-quality coffee, then you owe it to yourself to try some of the delicious brews that are produced in Hawaii.

Does Louisiana Grow Coffee?

Hawaii and California are the only two places where you can produce coffee commercially in the USA.

In fact, the coffee trade is so lucrative in Puerto Rico, a United States territory, that it’s sometimes called “Coffee Island.” The world’s largest coffee producer is Brazil, which produces more than a third of the world’s supply.

Coffee plants are grown in tropical and subtropical regions to take advantage of their mild climates and ample sunlight. Most commercial coffee production takes place between latitudes 30 degrees north and south of the equator, where temperatures are warm enough for the plants to thrive but cool enough for them not to require excessive amounts of water.

While Louisiana does not grow coffee commercially, there are a few small farms in the state that do cultivate this crop as an alternative or supplementary revenue source. Most coffee production in Louisiana takes place in southern parishes such as St. Tammany and St. John the Baptist, where farmers grow a variety of coffee plants known as bourbon arabica.


Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee commercially. Coffee plantations can be found all over the Hawaiian islands, and they produce some of the best coffee in the world. If you’re ever in Honolulu, make sure to visit one of the many coffee plantations to see how your morning cup of joe is produced.

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