How Many Pounds of Coffee per Tree?

There are few smells more refreshing or invigorating than freshly brewed coffee. The smell of coffee can also be an aromatic reminder that it’s time to get back to work, especially if your desk looks out onto a coffee plantation.

But have you ever wondered just how much coffee one tree can produce in its lifetime? After all, planting a tree and keeping track of it as it grows is quite an investment. How much value will your tree bring you in the end? Coffee trees take around 5 years to mature before they start producing fruit.

Once they’re fully grown, they will continue to produce fruit for another 15 years with the right care and attention. So just how much coffee does one tree make over its lifetime? Let’s take a look.

How Many Pounds of Coffee per Tree?

How Many Pounds of Coffee per Tree?

The typical coffee tree yields 2 pounds of green beans or 10 pounds of coffee cherries annually. The amount of coffee a tree produces depends on a number of factors,

including –

– How old the tree is;

– The region it’s grown in;

– The cultivar of the tree;

– The soil quality of the plantation;

– The amount of fertilizer and water the tree receives;

– The climate of the region.

Since the average coffee tree produces 10 pounds of coffee cherry per year (2 pounds of green beans), then 16 coffee trees are required to supply the average American’s coffee drinking habit.

Coffee Tree Description

A roasted coffee bean is easily recognizable to everyone, yet a coffee plant may not be. Here is a short description of a Coffee tree.

Although they can reach heights of more than 30 feet (9 meters), coffee trees are often cut short to save energy and facilitate harvesting. Green, waxy leaves sprouting in pairs across the opposing branches cover each tree.

The branches bear coffee cherries. It’s fairly uncommon to see blooms, green fruit, and ripe fruit all at once on a single tree because it grows in a continuous cycle. After first flowering, cherries take almost a year to mature, and it takes them around five years of growth to attain maximum fruit production.

Depending on the variety, proper maintenance can sustain and even improve their productivity over time. The Coffee Belt is a geographical area in the world where all commercially farmed coffee is produced. Rich soil, comfortable temperatures, regular rain, and sheltered sun are ideal for the growth of trees.

How Long Does It Take for A Coffee Plant to Yield Its First Crop?

It may grow anywhere between sea level and 6,500 feet above the ground. A coffee tree must grow for around five years before producing its first full harvest of beans. After that, it will continue to produce for about 15 years.

First to second-year coffee shrubs recently planted often bear flowers and fruit in the second full year or third year after planting in the field, depending on the variety, cultivar, and/or growth circumstances. Usually, it takes 3–5 years from seedling to seed producer.

The Math Behind How Much Coffee Consumed

To meet the average American’s yearly coffee consumption, 16 coffee trees are required. The typical American consumes 3.2 cups of coffee daily. In a year, this translates to 1,168 cups of coffee. One pound of roasted coffee beans can make 45 cups of coffee, therefore the typical American consumes 25.95 pounds of roasted coffee beans a year.

Due to the roasting process, roasted coffee loses 20 percent of its weight, translating to an average annual consumption of 32.44 pounds of green coffee beans. The average annual consumption would be 113,555 green coffee beans at a rate of 3,500 green coffee beans per pound.

Twin seeds found inside a coffee cherry are the source of green coffee beans. The weight of coffee cherries required to satisfy consumption is because of the twin seeds, which make up just 20% of the weight of the coffee cherry.

Which Type of Coffee Tree Yields the Most?

As we’ve discussed, there are several factors that will impact the yield from your coffee tree. Arabica coffee trees produce an average of 1,800 pounds of coffee per year, while Robusta coffee trees produce an average of 4,500 pounds per year.

You should also consider that Arabica coffee trees take around 5 years to mature, while Robusta trees take around 3 years. Additionally, Arabica trees are smaller and more delicate than Robusta trees, meaning they are more suitable for growing in high altitudes and tropical regions.

That being said, the yields will vary depending on the climate of the region. For example, if your plantation is in a dry climate, you’re unlikely to enjoy the same yields as someone with a well-watered plantation.


Coffee trees are used to produce the beans that make up your favorite cup of coffee. While these trees need time and care to grow, once they’re fully grown, they will continue to produce fruit for an average of 15 years.

One fully grown coffee tree will produce around 50 pounds of coffee per year or 16 cups of coffee per day. A coffee tree can be harvested only once a year will depend on the time of the year it is harvested, the time of the year it is planted, the time of the year that it is pruned, and the variety of coffee trees being used.

All in all, coffee trees make a great investment if you’re looking to start your own coffee plantation.


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